Your Winter Wedding: A Magic and Romantic Day


Most of the couples prefer to get married in summer as it’s the season with less chances of rainy days and consequently they can organize a wedding reception outdoor.
Anyhow there’s still a strong percentage of fiancées who consider more charming and romantic getting married in winter time, even better if right before Christmas.
During this time it’s in fact possible to match the magic atmosphere of Christmas with that of a wedding, playing with unusual decorations and unforgettable settings. Here are some ideas to make your winter wedding as stunning as a summer wedding.

Winter Lights
A winter atmosphere perfectly matches with an evening wedding. Nights are darker and this is why you can become very creative when it comes to the lightning of your wedding venue.
Replace the summer flowers with white and red candles, to get a Christmas vibe.
Create a special atmosphere by placing small candles in transparent glass jars of different sizes and shapes. You can place them along the tables or create a lightning path.

Winter Flowers
One of the advantages of getting married in winter is that the low temperatures better preserve the flowers. In winter there’s a wider flower selection and you can be sure that they will last flawlessly until the end of your special day.
One of the most used wedding winter flower is the elleboro, also known as the Christmas rose, which is white and comes in big sizes. Another one is the buttercup, a very simple flower of asian origins, with a slender shape very similar to an unfolded rose. Very elegant and classy they’re perfect to decorate both the church and the wedding venue.
Typical of the winter season are the snowdrops, which could be used for the bridal bouquet or as a decoration for the wedding tables.

Knitting time!
To get your invitees in a more wintery atmosphere why don’t you decorate the wedding venue with wool accessories. You can place them on the wedding tables or scatter them around all over the reception venue so to create a vintage vibe.

Red or silver?
For a winter wedding it’s better to avoid pastel shades which instead fit more a summer or spring wedding. Always prefer white as a basis and pair it with red or silver. Red is perfect for a December wedding, as this is the month of Christmas. This shade helps heating the venue atmosphere, donating a warm and familiar atmosphere.
Another color perfect for a winter wedding is the silver. This shade gives a more elegant and magic atmosphere, especially if paired with glittery decorations.
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