Weddings 2.0: The Social Media Wedding Concierge


Once the wedding photographer was the person in charge of fixing the most memorable moments of a wedding through its pictures, from the arrival of the bride at the church to the throwing of the bouquet. Nowadays things have slightly change and so it’s the role of the wedding photographer.

People don’t have to wait for weeks to relive such a special event with a wedding photo-album. In fact they can be informed live about every step of a wedding, even if they’re not invited.
In an era where the Internet is available to anyone and where social networks have become one of the main means of communication, pictures and videos of your own wedding can be taken and shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on in real time.And you don’t certainly need a reflex to do that, your mobile or tablet will be enough.

Sharing the highlights of a wedding is a spontaneous phenomenon which has become very popular through the years thanks to the birth of social networks and the accessibility to mobile phones equipped with cameras. It’s a quite recent phenomenon which has now become a business for Hotels, Communication agencies, Wedding Planners..

There’s in fact a new job figure which has become very popular and requested among couples who are planning to get married: the Social Media Wedding Concierge. The Social Media Wedding Concierge is a new job position created by the W Hotel in New York.
Those who will celebrate their wedding at this Hotel will have the chance to hire him in order to have a wedding reporter at hand who will take care of any public aspects of the event.
This PR expert will document on multiple social platforms and in real time the entire ceremony, providing live-tweeting with personalized hashtags which could also be used by all the attendees in their own social profiles.

The Social Media Wedding Concierge will also produce short videos on Vine, provide with snapshots to be published on Instagram and share fun and intriguing contents also with the engagement of the guests.
The task of the Social Media Wedding Concierge also includes creating and managing a Wedding Blog, with all the highlights concerning the preparation of the wedding, brief interviews of the future wife and husband, messages of hope and love from the couple’s friends and family taking care of the wedding list and wish-list of the couple creating a specific wedding board on Pinterest; liaising with the wedding guests; managing the interactions on all social platforms in order to keep all invitees informed about the development of the event.
Welcome to your Wedding 2.0!

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