Wedding Traditions Around the World Part. 2


Did you know that there are a lot of traditions and rituals revolving around a wedding? We’ve already pointed out some of the most curious customs and superstitions in the world, but here are some other just as interesting.

VIETNAM: the mother of the bride must visit the groom’s parents on the morning of the wedding carrying two gifts.
The first gift is a plant as a sign of mutual respect, the second gift is a pink chalk, the color of happiness.
The groom, instead, goes to the bride’s family house with a group of friends, bringing as a gift to the bride jewelry, money and clothes. White cannot be worn either by the bride nor by the guests as it’s the color used for mourning ceremonies.

NAMIBIA: In Namibia the bride should keep her face covered by an umbrella for the whole duration of the ceremony, as a shield against malevolent looks!

TURKEY: in this beautiful country the celebration of a marriage can last for days, following the muslim traditions. In fact, Muslim weddings may last four to seven days, with separate celebrations for the two families. From the beginning of the celebrations until the day of the wedding the couple is not allowed to meet.

INDIA: In India rites are celebrated by the Brahmin priest, who binds a strip from the bride’s Sari to the groom's shirt with a knot to symbolize their union. At this point the newlyweds, after exchanging rings and garlands, hold hands and walk three times around the sacred fire, reciting Vedic hymns to ensure prosperity, luck and fidelity to their new life together. The groom puts a red powder on the bride's hair to symbolize her new status as a married woman.

POLYNESIA: Marriages in Polynesia are considered a real collective celebration, which involves the entire population and can last several days, up to a week. These long days of celebrations are characterized by traditional rituals and dances performed by both the groom and bride families.
In the days before the eve of the wedding, relatives and friends pay a visit to the couple to give them gifts and offers as a wish of wealth and fertility to the new family.

THAILAND: According to old traditions, the Thai wedding is officiated by a group of monks who recite Pail songs to bless the union. During the ceremony, the groom wears a traditional white suit, while the bride a traditional wedding dress. The couple is symbolically bound by a belt which joints their heads.

The monks apply powdered incense on the couples foreheads and pour some water on their hands. During the traditional ceremony, the couple has to go through two doors, one gold and one silver, located on the road leading to the bride's house. These two doors are symbolized by a ribbon stretched by two children and to open each door, the groom has to deliver a gift to each child.
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