Wedding Traditions Around the World Part. 1


Italy is not the only superstitious country in the world when it comes to marriage. All over the world there are a lot of traditions and curious rituals that bride and groom are highly recommended to follow in order to live happily ever after. Here are some curious superstitious from the world.

GREECE: Greek brides use to put a sugar cube into their gloves. By doing so their wedding will be much sweeter!

UK: If a bride finds a spider in her dress she shouldn’t scream nor get scared. Instead she’s suggested to let him scamper happily as it will bring good luck.

EGYPT: In Egypt the guests pinch the bride as a sign of hope and good luck.

FINLAND: In Finland the bride goes door to door to collect her wedding gifts. To accompany her there must be an old married man as a wish for a lasting marriage.

MOROCCO: To purify themselves before the ceremony, Moroccan brides use to bathe in milk.

DENMARK: Often the rituals related to marriage help to protect the couple from evil spirits. In Denmark, for instance, to confuse evil spirits, the couple swap clothes at the end of the ceremony.

POLAND: In order to ensure a successful marriage, bride and groom should perform the ceremony in a month that begins with the letter "R”.

BRAZIL: In Brazil there is a popular ritual which consists in the launch of the statuette of Saint Anthony, the patron saint of weddings: the woman who will catch it first will be the next to get married (here in Italy we have the launch of the flower bouquet).

JAPAN: During the ceremony, bride and groom are invited to drink three sips of sake from three cups of different size, along with fruit, salt and rice. At the end of this ritual, usually accompanied by traditional music, the couple is considered married.

CHINA: The dominant color in the whole ceremony is red, as it represents happiness and prosperity in the Chinese tradition. The bride changes outfit many times during the day and can wear both the western white dress and the traditional red gown.
Also the wedding venue should be decorated in red, as well as the bouquet. One of the highlights of a Chinese wedding is the tea ceremony that is served by the couple to their parents as a sign of gratitude.

MONGOLIA: In Mongolia the groom's parents organize the ceremony when the moon is growing, but only if it is a rainy day. The groom will give to his future wife three trunks: one for the clothes, one for the food and one for an umbrella, as a sign of protection to his wife.
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