Wedding Superstition and Rituals in the Italian Culture


Being Italy a country with plenty of rituals and superstitious people, it was inevitable that also newlyweds were a target of these ancient traditions. Many are in fact the traditions and superstitions related to marriage, with a specific focus on the bride. According to old italian superstitions, a bride should follow a series of behaviors and rituals in order to avoid bad luck in her most special day. The most popular superstition rituals revolve around clothes and accessories which will be worn on the wedding day.
Traditionally, a bride should wear five things when getting married:

Something old: this particular garment symbolizes the past, her life prior to her marriage. Every bride has to wear an object that belongs to the past in order not to forget the new path that she’s going to take;

Something new: this is the symbol of the life that is about to begin and the new challenges that this will bring with it;

Something borrowed: from a friend or a relative. This garment or object symbolizes that their loved ones remain nearby even in the transition from old to new;

Something donated: this object symbolizes the affection of the people you love;

Something blue: symbolizing the sincerity and purity of the bride. By tradition, this color refers to the garter worn by the bride under her wedding gown.

Another tradition which sees the bride as the main protagonist is that she cannot be seen by the future husband wearing her wedding dress. If this happens then their marriage is destined to end in a very bad way.
Another superstition involving the bride and her wedding dress is that she can’t look herself in the mirror right before the ceremony begins. If she can’t resist to this temptation she’ll have to take off something, like shoes, veil or gloves.

To conclude a superstition related to the wedding rings. Should they fall during the religious ceremony then they can only be collected by the priest, the only person entitled to remove this curse.
We have to add that all the above rituals and superstitions may vary from region to region.
Nowadays there are only few couples who are willing to follow all these traditions.
Is this maybe the reason why there has been a significant increase in the divorce rates over the past few years?
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