Wedding Gowns: Find the Model which Perfectly Fits You – Part 2


Let’s continue our journey through the numerous wedding dresses and styles with the aim to help you find the perfect gown which best suits your personality and body shape.
Here are some other models to try when entering a boutique specialized in Wedding Gowns

Country Chic Wedding Dress
This is the perfect model if you choose to have a countryside wedding or a wedding with a vintage vibe.
It’s characterized by a graceful and romantic corset, but its main peculiarity is the under part which has a narrow waist with a balloon-shaped skirt. It’s a precious dress and with a lot of personality and it’s often accompanied by a short veil. It’s generally made with precious materials such as silk, satin or lace for a country-chic effect.

Peplum Wedding Dress
This style is inspired by the dresses of the ancient Greece women and combines elegance and simplicity. The cut is straight and soft, with long drapes that give movement and plasticity to the dress and a bit of volume to the fabric.
It can be accompanied by a small train and it’s often cut under the breast just like the empire style. Unlike the latter, the peplum style dress is equally elegant but less regal even if it surely creates an intangible and refined allure which reminds that of the Hellenic goddesses, so graceful and sophisticated.
This style is perfect for tall and slender women with little breast as it creates a sensual effect.

Petticoat Wedding Dress
That’s the perfect wedding style for radical-chic brides. Minimalist and essential, yet subtly sexy, the petticoat wedding dress has a particular cut that emphasizes breast forms without being too tight while its neckline falls naturally and sinuously towards the feet.
The fabric used to create this type of wedding dress is usually semi-gloss and soft, like silk or duchesse silk, to create its famous slip effect.
Normally, the neckline on the back is wide and elegant while the rear shoulder pads can be adorned or even replaced with rhinestones or lace decorations.
It is chosen usually for evening ceremonies.

Bustier Wedding Dress
It’s the sexier version of the Princess Style Wedding dress. Just like the Princess dress, also this style has the advantage of shaping the waist, hiding the hips and enhancing the neckline. The corset is shaped according to the bride’s body, as a second skin.
It’s often decorated with lace or studded with Swarovski rhinestones.
It’s an elegant and at the same time romantic and sexy model, this is why is the favorite dress of self-confident and modern brides.

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