Wedding Gowns: Find the Model which Perfectly Fits You – Part 1


The excitement and panic which characterize the moment before entering a boutique of wedding gowns is hard to describe. The future bride is always panicking when it comes to choosing her wedding dress, but this is normal. First of all because it’s a very special and personal moment. The first concrete step toward a life together with the person she loves. Secondly, because it’s hard to choose among tons of models, as simple as that.
To help you find the perfect wedding dress we have listed below some of the most beautiful models, plus some tips on how to choose the right one according to your body type.

A-line Style Wedding Dress
The so-called A-line model is the classic dress with a tight corset that draws the woman curves with elegance and fluidity, and a skirt that is gradually widening from the waist down. It’s one of the most requested models by brides as it’s a simple and essential model and above all easy to wear.
Usually, A-line dresses are perfect for any physical configurations because they balance and redesign the body proportions thanks to its linear style.

Princess Wedding Dress
This princely dress is characterized by a tight corset and a puffy skirt, usually made with tulle or silk and reinforced with a strong crinoline structure underneath.
This type of dress is usually loved by young brides, who model their dream wedding dress after the majestic gowns of the Walt Disney female characters.
The fabrics that match perfectly this style are tulle, taffeta and organza. It works perfectly for curvy brides as it enhances the cleavage but hides the hips.

Empire Wedding Dress
The empire-style dress is synonymous with royal elegance, simple and noble at the same time and with the incredible gift to slim down the figure. It was first worn by Carolina Bonaparte who went on to become a fashion icon. This dress is cut right under the breast, generally with a silky belt, and is complemented by a slightly flared skirt further enhanced by a train (short or long).
This style was a favorite of fashionistas in the 30s and 40s, but it’s still perfect even today, especially for women who tend to accumulate weight around the waist.

Mermaid Style Wedding Dress  
This is a very sexy wedding gown thanks to its "hourglass" shape which enhances the curves of a woman. It usually has a tight corset and a long skirt which is tight around the hips and terminates with a long train. It is normally made with chiffon or lace, or a smooth fabric such as taffeta, satin and organza.
Not all brides can wear it as it requires a long and slim figure.

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