Wedding Dress Style through the Centuries


One of the most exciting responsibilities of a bride is definitely the choice of her wedding dress. This is probably the most engaging activity for a woman, as it’s her moment to shine and be seen as a real princess. All these feeling and emotions around a wedding gown are something that brides from all over the world have been sharing for centuries.

In fact the wedding dress is not just a special accessory typical of the modern times, but a custom which has existed for many years.The very first testimony of the wedding dress dates back to the ancient Greece era: here the future wives used to wear, in occasion of their wedding, a white tunic adorned with a rope around the waist. They enriched their outfit with a myrtle crown as a commitment to Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

Also in Rome the brides used to wear a white tunic, this time adorned with a red belt, a color which was believed to keep evil spirits away. The white vest was also covered by a yellow-saffron cloak while around the neck they wore a precious metal necklace. The hair was divided into six braids covered by a red, orange or yellow veil, adorned with myrtles and orange flowers.

Centuries later, in England, the tradition started to change. Girls were dressed with majestic wedding gowns, carrying in their hands sprigs of rosemary, symbol of love and fidelity. Rosemary was considered as well the emblem of women as it was a strong and resilient plant.
In the Middle Ages the wedding dress was typically red, to symbolize a burning love, and sewn with precious fabrics, like velvet, brocade and damask.
In the Napoleonic era purple was replaced by pastel colors with Empire-line dresses cut right under the chest.

The first woman to wear a white wedding dress was Anne of Brittany in occasion of her marriage to Louis XII. White wedding gowns were used until Queen Victoria, in 1840, got married with a beautiful silver wedding dress, starting a new popular fashion trend.
Today white is the most popular color for wedding dresses, as it is a symbol of purity and innocence as well as being elegant and chic. Anyhow, modern brides have become more transgressive and creative, wearing gowns of bizarre colors and shapes, for more unconventional and unforgettable wedding.

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