Wedding Decorations for Very Romantic Tables Centerpieces


When you sit at a wedding table and you’re ready to start the real celebrations (yes, we’re talking about food and booze), the first thing that draws your attention is the table centerpieces.
It stands right in the middle of the table and it has the power of enhancing or destroying the atmosphere of a wedding.
So be careful when choosing your table centerpiece, as it’s one of the most tricky props when it comes to wedding decorations.

The most used and beloved table centerpieces are the flower ones. They are beautiful to see, colorful and romantic. Moreover they symbolize the celebration of a very special moment in our lives, may it be a wedding, a baptism or a graduation.
But, as already said, it’s not always easy to choose the perfect one for your own wedding.
We suggest you to be clear about the budget that you’re planning to use for this type of wedding decoration. Flowers can be quite expensive, especially in specific period of the years, plus you need to add the cost for vases, glasses and other props to create your own flower table decoration.

You can either design it yourself or hire a flower designer, who will also take care of the overall table set. It’s important to choose the right flower and the right centerpieces also based on the theme of your wedding. Is it a Saint Valentine-themed wedding? Than opt for red and white roses. Is it a traditional wedding? Light pink peonies and white lilies will work perfectly for you.

A very nice alternative to flower table centerpieces are the ones made with candles. They can really add a very romantic and magic vibe especially if you’re celebrating your big day in the evening. You can play with the candle holders, which can be made of glass or silver for a classic wedding, or even with colorful pottery for a more vintage wedding style. Anyhow, be reminded to choose the colors that best suit with the theme of your wedding and that will be the perfect counterpart to the rest of the wedding decorations. And, as we always suggest, don’t overdo with both flowers and candles. The risk is that people may be distracted by the smell of the roses instead of that of the veal roast and ladies fabolous hair-dos may catch fire. Remember: the secret of a perfect, elegant wedding decoration is to keep it simple. Always.

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