Wedding Cars: What Models To Choose And Why


The route that takes a bride-to-be to the place where she will celebrate the most important day of her life is the path that leads to an event that will change her life forever.

This is why it’s important to choose the right way to cover this distance.
If in the past it was common to walk the bride in procession from her parents house to the church, it is now more appropriate use a car.
Today the wedding car has acquired a symbolic meaning as it’s the means of transport that will accompany the bride and groom together towards a new life.
Of course we’re not talking about a normal car, but a very special one.

The choice of the car that will accompany the spouses is important and not easy.
In fact, a wedding car is not a simple wedding decoration, but a sort of modern carriage.
There are a few rules to follow when choosing a wedding car.

You have to choose the model of the wedding car according to the style and form that has been  given to the entire wedding party. For instance you can’t choose an elegant, vintage car if you’ve opted for a rustic, country-style wedding.

Again, a sporty car doesn’t match a very classical ceremony. In this case go for a black, shiny sedan, such as a Mercedes or BMW.
Moreover, how is your wedding gown? Is it fluffy and with a long train? In this case is better to opt for a large and comfortable car, with enough room to contain the dress.

If you want to add some floral arrangements then get married in wintertime as a too hot weather would cause annoying odors. To avoid any problems be sure that your floral designer will also take care of the car decorations.
The most popular cars for weddings are Rolls Royce, Cadillac and Bentley for a more vintage touch. But you can also choose more modern models such as Mercedes, Jaguar, BMW or sporty ones like Porsche or Ferrari.
And how about making a funny, timeless entrance with a Beetle or a Fiat 500?
And if you wanna feel like a real princess why not replacing the wedding car with an actual carriage with horses and a properly dressed coachman?

The wow effect is guaranteed.
Before going for this option make sure that the path to be covered can be accessible to this means of transport.

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