Wedding Cake: Some Tips to Choose the Perfect One for your Big Day


The first wedding cake has its origins in the Ancient Rome. A sweet piece of bread was broken over the bride’s head, a ritual of good fortune and prosperity for the couple. Years later, in the medieval era, a series of sponge pies were piled as to create a sort of cake tower. The newlyweds were invited to kiss each other from the two sides: if the couple was able to kiss without touching the cake then they were guaranteed fertility and a happy life. The very first modern cake was the one created in honour of Prince Leopold’s wedding in 1892. A sort of ground-breaking of today’s wedding cakes, characterized by layers and layers of sweet sponge cakes. This wedding cake was, in fact, entirely edible with each layer symbolizing prosperity. This fancy cake became rapidly a status symbol and was displayed mostly in occasions of royal weddings. Today the making of a wedding cake has become a true art. Guests are waiting for the “cake moment” and see it as the focal point of the whole celebration. This is why it’s important to surprise them with an original cake, in order to give them the wow effect. Here are some suggestion to create an unforgettable wedding cake. The Cake Topper It’s a classic when it comes to wedding decorations. No newlywed will give up tho the cake topper. Be it traditional, with the broom in tight and the bride dressed in white, or a funnier version, a cake topper make any wedding cake special and personal. Lately couples prefer the edible ones, made entirely with sugar paste, and possibly modeled on their own image, for a more realistic effect. Cake Decorations Cake topper are not mandatory though, especially if you want to have a more romantic and poetic celebration cake. You can then replace the images of bride and groom with some chic yet original cake decorations. How about, for example, some beautiful butterflies made in fabric or paper applied on the cake? Or you can opt to have fashionable monograms or letters with the names of the couple: choose it in gold, silver or white, if you want something more simple. To embellish a simple cake you can also add a bon bon tucked into a toothpick to be placed on the top floor. Flowers If yours is a fairytale wedding and the key word is romance, then the right wedding decoration for your cake are flowers, such as roses, always synonymous with true and eternal love. Ideal for a romantic wedding, you can choose a simple white two-storey cake with an original bouquet of red roses on the top. If you have a more classic and refined taste than the orchid is the flower for you. Available in nature in many colors, from classic black, the intriguing fuchsia or hot orange, this flower is perfect to create unique and magical combination. You can also add a matching ribbon or opt for a cake in pastel colors, as well as using beads to obtain a lighting effect.

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