Milano Castle

Milano's Venue

The Milano Castle was built around the year 1000 in the eponymous village of the Lombardy Region. One of the most enchanting venues of the Milan countryside, this medieval fortress is considered the gem of this enchanting territory. A gem within a gem, actually.

Corbetta is, in fact, a marvellous small village located in the heart of one of the most beautiful area of the Italian peninsula and only a few miles away from the Fashion Capital. The narrow streets, the infinite golden fields, the picturesque buildings made of solid stone.. Every corner of Corbetta suddenly becomes magic, and its imposing Castle is no less.

If you were planning to feeling like a proper Princess during your wedding day, then this Castle will win your heart instantly.

Thanks to the immense garden surrounding the estate, the romantic pebbly path leading to its main door, the evocative patio with its wide arches, the Corbetta Castle will soon become your favourite wedding destination.Not to mention the ancient tower which dominates this ancient mansion, giving the entire context a fairy atmosphere.

Choose to get married in the beautiful park of this Castle, among millennial trees and surrounded by a oasis of nature and peace.
Set the banquet under the wide porch, so glamorous and intimate, or in one of the luxurious salons of this timeless venue.

Get lost in the infinite park of the Castle, 1000 square metres of wild nature, well-tended flowers and gloomy grass. This huge green expanse hides very romantic and intriguing corners such as a centennial fountain, evocative statues of angels and women and the remainings of an ancient wall of the Romanesque era. Your eyes will be filled in with the beauties of a forgotten past.
The Milano Castle will literally take your breathe away with its timeless charm and elegant decors.Plus, you’re in Italy, which means you won’t only experience the celebrated allure of the BelPaese, but also (and above all) its popular food.

Spoil your guests with the finest Italian food, to be tasted in a priceless setting. Choose the refined specialties offered by the local cuisine and indulge your senses in the most delicious dishes of the Italian culinary tradition. Dance the night away with your friends and family, hold your significant other and lay your head on his shoulder. But don’t close your eyes, or your wedding dream in the Milano Castle could fade away.



Milano Castle - Corbetta (Milano)

Capacity: up to 120 guests

Services on site: Outdoor space, Professional kitchen, Parking.

Accommodation: This location has no rooms available. However, there are picturesque hotels and holiday farms in the nearby villages.

Wedding Ceremony: You can celebrate a symbolic ceremony in this location. The civil or religious rite can be performed in the village Town Hall or Church.