Bergamo Taverna

Bergamo's Venue

In one of the most suggestive squares of Italy, facing an ancient fountain and a medieval tower, Bergamo Taverna has been delighting the palates of many food lovers for decades. Located in the heart of Bergamo Alta, also known as “Città Alta”, this renowned restaurant represents the symbol of the elegance and genuinity of the local culinary tradition, as well as one of the most refined wedding destinations of the city.

Piazza Vecchia, the old square where this wonderful restaurant was founded at the beginning of the twentieth century, is considered the core of this picturesque medieval village. Città Alta has been listed as one of the cities to visit once in a lifetime, so you can imagine the beauty and the charm enclosed within this fortress built almost 700 years ago by the Venetian Republic.

This is why it’s the ideal setting where to celebrate your long awaited Italian wedding.
An evocative atmosphere, narrow streets where to get lost, solid stone houses beautifully restored, picturesque workshops of cheeses and sweets here and there..
You’ll fall in love by the timeless allure of this Italian gem. Surrounded by city walls erected during the fourteenth century, Città Alta dominates the iconic countryside of Bergamo.

From the top of its Castle you’ll enjoy a unique and breathtaking panorama view consisting of golden hills, countless vineyards, a lush vegetation..
Wandering around the picturesque streets of this ancient town will make you feel like a medieval Queen.
Set your luscious banquet in the elegant and refined context of Bergamo Taverna, a restaurant widely considered the best within the town walls.

Not only for the stylish design of its original furnishings, the romantic arches of the dining room, the ancient frescoes still glooming from the walls, the magic frame of its unique location..Bergamo Taverna is, above all, home of the most talented chefs of the city. Guided by the celebrated chef and owner Pierangelo, who has cooked in almost every corner of the world, this exclusive restaurant offers to its guests an innovative and utterly delicious cuisine.

You’ll be amazed by the wide range of specialties that you’ll taste here. The perfect mix between the modern taste and the genuine flavour of the local culinary tradition.

From the local cheeses to its selection of cold cuts, from the renowned wholegrain polenta to the rich and luscious roasts and stews iSnspired by the tradition.. Eating at Bergamo Taverna will be like tasting food for the first time.

An incredible experience which will remain in your heart (and palate) for the rest of your life.

A unique and refined way to celebrate the most important day of your life, alongside your friends a family.

Say I do in the beautiful setting of Città Alta and indulge in the impeccable welcome and superlative cuisine of Bergamo Taverna.

You and your future husband won’t be disappointed.



Bergamo Taverna - Città Alta (Bergamo)

Capacity: up to 100 guests

Services on site: Outdoor space, in-house Restaurant

Accommodation: Bergamo Taverna is a restaurant, therefore there are no rooms available in this location. However we highly recommend you to stay in one of the cozy and charming hotels of Città Alta like hotel Piazza Vecchia

Wedding Ceremony: You can’t celebrate any kind of ceremonies in this location. The civil or religious rite can be performed in the city Town Hall or Church.