Traditions and Curiosities about the Bouquet


The bouquet is traditionally the last gift given by the groom to her wife-to-be.
According to the marriage etiquette, the groom is in charge of paying for the bouquet. Traditionally the groom used to deliver the flower bouquet directly at the bride's house in the hours preceding the ceremony. Today it doesn’t happen almost anymore as it’s the bride herself who chooses the bouquet to be matched with her wedding dress.

The tradition of decorating the bride with flowers is very old and comes from the Arab world. The arab bride, in fact, was decorated on her wedding day with white and delicate orange blossoms, the flowers symbolizing prosperity and fertility. The custom was born as a wish for the bride to have many children.

In the ancient Egypt, the wives-to-be were adorned with fragrant flowers and herbs to drive out evil spirits. An iconic symbol of wedding, the flower bouquet is a sort of fetish object for the brides who takes it with her throughout the ceremony, be it religious or civil. This is why the bouquet will absolutely have to be in harmony with the color and model of her wedding dress.

Before choosing the bouquet it will be necessary to give the florist at least one picture of the dress. The only indication that we suggest you is to choose your bouquet according to your taste and character, because it is the element, after the dress, that best represents your personality. There are in fact numerous types of bouquet to be taken into consideration: round and compact, consisting of small flowers in a bunch or even a single flower decorated with ribbons.

If you’re a creative bride, you can also enrich your bouquet with traditional gems, strings of pearls, feathers or fruits. Some other pieces of advice when choosing your bouquet:
  • The selected flowers should not have colors that can stain your wedding dresses
  • It must be composed of flowers that can last all day without wilting (pay attention especially if you’re getting married in summer)
  • It must have a grip or handle and be adapted to the hands of the bride
  • It should not be too heavy
Here in Italy we have a couple of old traditions related to the bridal bouquet. One is that the flowers which compose the bride’s bouquet should be similar to those chosen years before by their mother and grandmother.
The other tradition, which also belongs to many other countries, is the launch of the bouquet. The bride gathers her single female friends and launch her bouquet to the group. The woman who will catch it first will be the next to get married.
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