The wedding organiser book


wedding organiser book
Finally your prince charming made the proposal. Everything was perfect. Your favourite restaurant, a romantic background music, he’s on his knees declaring all his love for you. And you’re in front of him, shaking and taking big breaths in order not to melt down completely. Your answer was “yes”, of course and now you’re the happiest woman of the planet. But.. what about now? You have a big event to organize, probably the most important of your life, and you’re alone. Of course you have your fiancé by your side, your best friends and your proud mother ready to help you out in any moment. But you know, deep inside, that this wedding will be all about you, and you don’t want to disappoint anyone’s expectations. Everything, every single detail, must be perfect. You must be perfect!

What you will need? A wedding organiser book

If you don’t have the possibility to hire your own wedding planner, or if you simply prefer to personally organize such a memorable event, then your best ally is the “Wedding organizer book”. A wedding organiser book is not just a book where you can collect all your notes and information throughout the planning of your big day. It’s your best friend, a very useful tool that will help you to keep yourself stress free, relaxed and in control. In fact, a wedding organiser book is not just a notebook filled with empty pages. Of course there will be blank pages where you’ll be able take notes and reminders, but mostly it’s a “guide” that will lead the way to create your tailor-made wedding. Inside a wedding planner book you’ll find all the wedding tools, professional planning advice, templates, wedding checklists, inspirations and ideas to make your special day the way you want it to be. It’s like having a personal wedding planner by your side every time you need it. Nothing is left to chance inside a wedding organizer book: questions to ask your wedding vendors, real advice from other brides ,a calculator to help you with the budget, space to write appointments and notes. It’s a step-by-step guide that will break everything down into easy sections to keep you always in control. No more hours of unnecessary researches, no more time wasting looking for solutions to your problems. A wedding planner book will have you planning your dream wedding like a pro. We’re sure you’ll arrive at your awaited glowing like a goddess, stress free and satisfied with the final result.
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