The Days Before the Wedding: Traditions and Curiosities


The day preceding a wedding are the most exciting and challenging ones: there are still a lot of things to do, people keep on calling you, you’re afraid not to fit in your wedding dress. Plus, if you’re a superstitious bride, you also have to think about all the rituals and traditions to follow in order to have a blessed and long lasting wedding.
There are many customs related to a marriage, some of them to be honoured in the moments preceding the actual ceremony.

For example the dress code of a bride. We’re not referring to the white, fluffy wedding gown carefully chosen by the wife-to-be, but to all the stuff underneath the dress.
Like the gather, which must be blue, a color symbol of purity and loyalty.
Other garments or objects that a bride should wear in order to drive away bad luck are something old, as a witness to the life that she’s leaving behind; something new, which symbolizes the life that’s about to begin; something donated, as a sign of love and affection from the loved ones.

Another traditional ritual before the Big Day is the Bachelor party. This tradition has its roots in England, where the offsprings of high society used to spend an evening with their closest friends celebrating the very last hours before becoming married men. Seen as their last day of freedom, they used to enjoy the company of young and beautiful ladies before embarking in a family life.

Today it’s very common to throw Bachelorette parties as well. Mischievous and playful, but never vulgar, the Bachelorette celebration has become a real event and a break from the stress of the wedding. A pre-wedding tradition very common in the English and American customs is the rehearsal dinner, usually organized the day before the wedding.
The rehearsal dinner is a small event that is organized usually after the wedding rehearsal. Its purpose is to gather and honour all the people who have been involved in planning the wedding, this is why only a small number of people is invited, usually only relatives and close friends.

There is a specific etiquette to follow during a rehearsal dinner. It starts with a toast made by the spouses where they thank all the people present at the dinner, then it’s the turn of the bride’s father and then, course after course, it’s the friend’s turn, who usually recall some fun and quite embarrassing episodes happened to the couple in a serene and convivial atmosphere.
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