The bachelor party: where to celebrate Italy


bachelorette party
One of the most modern wedding traditions is to organize a special party for the bride some days before her big day. Usually the bride’s best friends are in charge of the so called Bachelorette Party or The bachelor party. We have already seen some interesting and fun ideas on how to organize an original bachelorette party: from the belly dance class, to a relaxing day at the spa.. Options are countless! But if you really want to stun your best friend, than we highly suggest you to organize a very special trip to Italy, celebrating your beloved bachelorette the Italian way. If you have in mind to spend some days in Italy then plan the trip at least 3 months in advance. By doing so, not only you can give the invitees the right amount of notice, but you can also save some money, which is always a good thing.

Organize bachelorette party in Italy

In Italy you and your friends can really do anything: adventurous excursions in the Alps, a delicious food-tours in Tuscany, a cultural trip in art cities such as Rome, Florence or Venice, a shopping tour in Milan, sunbathing in Sicily or Sardinia. As you can see you have plenty of choices. To start narrowing your research, think about what time of the year you’re organizing your Italian trip. If it’s summer why not renting a beach house in Puglia? We suggest you the Salento area, rich in uncontaminated beaches, with a crystalline sea and one of the most incredible Italian food heritages. Here you’ll taste amazing delicacies such as olive oil, tomato focaccias and the most delicious fresh cheeses of Italy: burrata and stracciatella. Speaking of food, why not planning a cooking class in a typical Italian household? Maybe in a beautiful farmhouse in the countryside! For the Bachelor party you could opt for Lombardy, Tuscany, Umbria. Each region has a different food dimension and local dishes that you could cook and replicate once you’re back home. But Italy is not only about food. Having the highest number of world heritage sites, we’re sure you’ll have a lot of things to see and do down here. For a typical cultural tour, our piece of advice is to choose your favourite city and explore it for at least 3 days. You’ll find out that Italy is much more than what you’ve learnt from TV and media. Italy is art, food, history. But also design and fashion. Once you’ve visited Italy we’re sure you’ll want to get married in this magic place!
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