Places to get married in Italy: Lombardy countryside


get married in Italy
As we’ve already seen in this blog, Italy is one of the most sought-after locations where to get married. Its countryside is particularly beloved, as it includes a charming scenario, beautiful venues and a priceless Food Heritage. We show the places to get married in Italy.

Dream locations for wedding

Lombardy is a region which is gaining more and more success among spouses from all over the world. Especially its inner territory, cradle of a glorious countryside, is getting very popular. There are many cities where to choose from who have a natural and rural surrounding that will definitely win your heart: from Milan, the European Fashion Capital, to Bergamo and its beautiful upper Town, from Mantova and its centennial castles, to Brescia, with its amazing Franciacorta wines. As you can see there are different reasons to choose Lombardy over other Italian regions. One of those are the countless dream locations you’ll find here. From luxury resorts, to boutique hotels. From rural holiday houses to classic Italian Villas. Depending on what you’re looking for, Lombardy will be ready to host your special day. If you’re in love with ancient castles but with a modern vibe, then opt for “Castello degli Angeli”, a wonderful venue located just a few km away from Bergamo. One of the most beautiful estates of the Lombardy region, this evocative castle is the perfect destination for your Italian countryside wedding. This unique venue, in fact, overlooks a beautiful and breathtaking panorama. From its terraces and wide windows it’s possible to enjoy the peaceful view of golden fields, lush forests and picturesque farmhouses characterizing the surrounding countryside. If you are a wine-lover, than Brescia’s countryside is the place for you. Cradle of the Franciacorta region, here you’ll learn about the ancient art of winemaking. Widely renowned for its numerous cellars, you could organize a wine tour with your invitees before the big day. Or you could include such a unique experience during your wedding banquet, surprising your guests with a taylormade wine-tasting. They’ll be grateful forever! Another option could be Milan and its surrounding bucolic area. Did you know that the Milan countryside hosts some of the most beautiful Villas of Italy? Plus, you’ll be staying just a few km away from the Fashion Capital, which can only mean one thing: shopping! Spoil you and your friends with a visit to the finest and most elegant shops near the Duomo or in the Montenapoleone district. Have an Italian aperitivo in one of the hip bars of the Navigli area or a proper Milanese meal in some of the Trattorias located in the city centre. After such an hectic day get some rest in a luxury resort in the heart of the countryside. Milan is in a strategic position indeed. Here you will get the most of both worlds! One of the best places to get married in Italy
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