New wedding trends: cuban corner with rum and cigars


rum and cigar cuban wedding trends
A traditional wedding reception consists in a welcome cocktail, with the newlyweds and their guests toasting to a new love adventure with some sparkling wine (better if champagne) and yummy canapés and creative finger foods. After raising the glasses and wishing the brand new couple a life full of love, everyone gathers in the dining room and enjoys a usually scrumptious banquet, with many different courses of utterly delicious and elegantly presented dishes.
At the end of the evening there’s one of the most awaited moments of the wedding: the cut of the cake. A giant, fluffy cake, be it romantic or more colorful, delights the palate of the guests who are now ready to dance the night away ...or not? Not everyone is always in the mood for dancing for three hours in a row. Most of the time people dance a couple of songs, then relax and mingle with friends and fellow invitees and start dancing again.

Rum and cigars for a new wedding trends

But what can they do to have a peaceful moment, where they can have a chat sharing some good time? One of new wedding trends and very stylish solution could be that of creating a Cuban Corner. It’s a space created within the wedding venue where people can chill, sitting on elegant sofas and comfortable couches, sipping some aged rum and smoking cigars. It’s a new way to entertain wedding invitees, and a very cool idea to make your wedding party original and appealing.
Creating a Cuban Corner is very easy. It doesn’t have to be too spacious, a couple of comfortable sofas and chairs are enough, as you want to have an intimate area where people can “escape” from the frenzy of the party. Essential is also the choice of high-quality rums and cigars. The latter, particularly, should be original from Cuba which is the most important and renowned producer of cigars.
The smoke of the cigars, together with the crispy smell of the liquor, make the atmosphere mysterious and intriguing. People sitting at this corner will have the chance to savour a unique experience, chilling for some time and gathering the right energies to keep celebrating this special day. If you want to organize an unforgettable wedding, then don’t forget to add the new wedding trends, Cuban Corner, in your “To do List”. It will blow your guest’s mind and will give them the chance to live an original wedding experience.
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