Piacenza, with its incredible countryside, is a place where art and culture embrace the culinary tradition, where the magic
of historic villages meets the charm of the ancient manor houses. The perfect location of your marvelous Italian wedding.


A territory made by warm and welcoming people, who have the luck of living in a magic place, surrounded by beauty and history, and delighted by the finest local food and wines. A sublime life made of peaceful hills and amazing gourmand adventures.
The perfect set to celebrate the most special day in a woman’s life.

A unique location for that Italian wedding that you’ve always dreamt about. This amazing territory, situated in the middle of the Po Valley, rises on the right bank of the Po River, just a few kilometers away from Milan. The final point of the ancient and legendary Emilian Route, the countryside of Piacenza lies on the northern and western region of Emilia.


The Piacenza area hosts a variety of landscapes of outstanding beauty. There are many parks and natural reservations that you can visit while enjoying a nature still intact and well preserved. Have a long walk along the paths that run next to the Po River up until lush hills from which you can enjoy fabulous views over the Po valley. The valleys and mountains offer an almost untouched nature, where you can even do bird watching. There are also many paths among the green hills of this enchanting territory where you can discover the ancient Francigena Route, which you can also cover by riding a horse.


Piacenza is an ancient Roman colony, which hosted pilgrims coming from the legendary Via Francigena, medieval fights in its outstanding castles, the Renaissance splendor, in its numerous historical mansions. By visiting the city you will discover museums, churches, old palaces and, just by looking up to its breathtaking view you will notice that also the surrounding hills are full of wonders such as rustic Villas and medieval villages.
Have a walk along the historical center and get lost in its narrow streets, so romantic and magical. Don’t miss the Romanesque Basilica of St. Anthony and the Church of Santa Maria di Campagna that preserves, among others, precious frescoes and mosaics. If you are an art lover, then pay a visit to the amazing Palazzo Farnese, a historical Italian gem which hosts’ masterpieces of Botticelli and Antonello da Messina, or the Museum of Modern Art Ricci Oddi, for an overview of Italian figurative art from the second half of the nineteenth century.
Art, history and Italian culture but also a golden and green countryside that will amaze the guests of your marvelous Italian wedding.


If you’ve decided to celebrate your wedding in Italy it’s also because of the utterly delicious Italian food. And people of this area are all about great food and superfine wine. Not everyone knows that Piacenza is a real food heaven and that its cold cuts, cheeses and wines boast the highest concentration of DOP and D.O.C in Italy.
Popular throughout the Italian Peninsula is for sure the Coppa Piacentina, a special type of salami which is made even today with the same technique of centuries ago. An authentic culinary excellence of this area, are also pisarei and fasö, special homemade small gnocchi accompanied with a tasty bean sauce, and the tortelli with the tail, fresh pasta stuffed with spinach, ricotta cheese and parmesan cheese with a curious oblong shape.
We highly suggest you to add some of this amazing food in your wedding menu, as this is the best way to experience the treasures of this territory as a real local. The countryside of Piacenza is indeed the best place where to organize the wedding of your dreams: a breathtaking golden countryside, amazing historic Villas, the finest Italian food.
So, what are you waiting for?

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Piacenza is well served and can be reached by plane from all over the world. There are direct flights arriving in the three main airports of Milan: Malpensa, Linate and Bergamo-Orio al Serio.

  • Distance by car from Milan LINATE to Piacenza is about 1 hour.
  • Distance by car from Milan MALPENSA to Piacenza is about 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Distance by car from Bergamo-ORIO AL SERIO to Piacenza is about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Take the A1 Milan-Bologna Highway and exit at Piacenza Ovest.

BY CAR FROM BERGAMO: Take the A4 Highway direction Milano, exit at A58 orbital road and proceed towards Brescia/Bologna. At the proximity of Melegnano take the A1/E35 Highway towards Bologna and exit at Piacenza Nord.

BY TRAIN: From Milano Stazione Centrale take the train to Piacenza. The ride takes about 55 minutes. Trains from Milan heading to Piacenza are scheduled every hour (the last one is at 10:15 PM).


Piacentino's best places

Piacentino Riverside Castle

This enchanting castle is located in the small and picturesque medieval village of Borgo di Rivalta, a few kilometres away from the splendid town of Piacenza. Piacentino Riverside Castle was erected more than one millennium ago by the noble Landi Family who still owns the property. This majestic wedding destination is more than a Castle as it incorporates a more complex building structure which includes a church, an old tavern and an elegant Hotel. The area surrounding the estate is as breathtaking as the Castle itself. From one side there is the magic and peaceful countryside of Piacenza, while on the other side runs quietly the Trebbia river. A romantic and natural atmosphere which makes this charming Castle a unique place to visit. Staying in this fairy tale context is an experience which will change yours and your guests’ life. Make sure to arrive in Borgo di Rivalta a few days before the big day and experience the bucolic life of the Piacenza countryside. You’ll have not only the chance to visit the hidden corners of this beautiful Castle, but you will also have enough time to enjoy the tranquility of this picturesque village. Surprise your friends and family with a unique food experience with the utterly delicious recipes of the local culinary tradition. Accompany each meal with the fresh cheeses and cold-cuts typical of this rich territory. Make a toast with the refined bubbles produced in the wineries around the estate. Repeat this incredible gourmet experience during your exclusive wedding banquet, but don’t forget to exchange your vows in the adjacent church where it’s possible to perform a religious rite. Should you and your partner prefer to celebrate a more intimate civil wedding, you can opt for one of the elegant salons of the mansion. You’ll be surrounded by a magic setting, filling your eyes with the precious frescoes and paintings dating back to centuries ago. Piacentino Riverside Castle will be the perfect frame to your Italian fairy tale. You won’t believe your eyes when you’ll have in front of you such a spectacular and amazing vision. You and your significant other will truly feel like a Queen and a King, sharing memorable moments and unique istants with the people you love the most, surrounded by one of the most beautiful settings of Italy, the splendid Lombardy countryside. *** QUICK INFORMATION Piacentino Riverside Castle - Borgo di Rivalta (Piacenza) Capacity: up to 250 guests Services on site: Outdoor space, in-house Restaurant, Parking, natural park. Accommodation: We highly recommend to spend some days in the beautiful rooms of the Hotel adjacent the Castle. Wedding Ceremony: You can celebrate a religious ceremony in the church of the Castle. Otherwise you can opt for a civil or symbolic ceremony both in the indoor or outdoor spaces of the Castle.

Piacentino Rocca

The sumptuous noble residence Piacentino Rocca is an historic location situated right halfway of the beautiful territory between Piacenza and Parma. This is a unique and exclusive setting which makes this majestic estate one of the most desired wedding destination of the Lombardy region. Located in the picturesque village of Soragna, this precious castle was built at the end of the fourteenth century by the influential noble House of Meli Lupo who still owns the property. Once enforced by a solid stone wall, today the “Rocca” is surrounded by a beautiful park which hides an artificial lake with a small island in the middle and a suggestive Café-Haus, an elegant construction of the neoclassical age. This beautiful fortress is characterized by elegant and bright salons, all decorated with the original paintings and tapestries of the past times, still maintaining a magic and evocative allure. Here is possible to organize the wedding celebrations, surrounded by the distinctive glamour and elegance of the castle. This place is so precious and important for the Italian cultural heritage that it has rapidly become one of the most popular tourist attractions of the area. Choosing Piacentino Rocca as your Italian wedding destination will assure to your most important day a unique and charming atmosphere. It will be like living in a real fairy tale as in this castle you’ll be able to exchange the vows with your significant other in the adjacent church. Only a few steps and you and your guests will have the chance to dine in one of its luxurious salons, surrounded by beautiful frescoes and precious decorations. Treat your friends and family to a refined wedding banquet inspired by the local cuisine. Indulge your senses in slow-cooked roasts, delicious filled pasta and homemade sweets. Live an unforgettable Italian experience alongside the people you love the most and share with them these precious moments. You and your partner will fall in love with this magic castle, the perfect place where to seal your neverending love surrounded by a unique atmosphere and the affection of your friends and family. Get married at Piacentino Rocca and celebrate your Italian countryside wedding in this incredible setting, you won’t be disappointed. *** QUICK INFORMATION Piacentino Rocca - Soragna (Parma) Capacity: up to 300 guests Services on site: Outdoor space, Professional Kitchen, Parking, natural park, natural lake, church, religious ceremony. Accommodation: It’s not possible to overnight in this location. However, there are other picturesque hotels and holiday farms both in Soragna and in the nearby villages. Wedding Ceremony: You can celebrate a religious ceremony in the church adjacent to the location or the civil rite in the village Town Hall. Symbolic ceremonies can be performed inside or outside the property.

Piacentino Castle with pool

Once you arrive to the majestic Piacentino Castle with pool, a few km away from Piacenza, you will be mesmerized by the breathtaking view of such an imposing and charming location. More than a Castle, a true paradise, this enchanting medieval building is one of the most suggestive historic places of the Italian peninsula. Erected at around the year 1000 AC, Piacentino Castle with pool is a beautiful and historical complex made of solid stone and with a romantic and evocative allure. A celebrated historic attraction of this magnificent territory, the Castle stands right in the heart of the Piacenza countryside, boasting one of the most wonderful and huge natural parks where you will find millennial trees of various origin, two natural lakes and one picturesque pond scattered all around the estate. You will get lost in this dream location and instantly fall in love with its magic atmosphere and rustic vibe. Once property of noble families of the surrounding area, it is today a refined wedding destination and exclusive accommodation facility, where people can not only celebrate unforgettable events, but also relax among the ancient walls for some days of pure bliss. This is why Piacentino Castle with pool is the wedding venue you were always looking for. It’s not only a place where you can celebrate the most important day of your life, but it’s also a location where you and your guests will have the chance to fully understand what it’s like living in the amazing Lombardy countryside. If you choose to say “I do” in this castle be sure that you’ll share some of the most remarkable memories with the people you love the most. Exchange the wedding vows with your partner in the beautiful church adjacent the property or right inside its lovely chapel. In both locations it’s possible to perform a religious rite. Should you prefer to get married in a civil wedding or just perform a symbolic ceremony in front of your guests you can then choose one of the salons of the castle or the outdoor terraces of the estate. Piacentino Castle with pool is full of hidden corners which are only awaiting for you and your creativity. Organizing your wedding days in this venue will be superfine! You can arrive some days prior to the big day and arrange a food and wine tasting for your guests, or just spend some quality time with them by chilling at the swimming pool facing the splendid countryside or in the indoor sauna, or even sharing some fun moments at the sport facilities available at the venue (tennis, basketball, soccer..). After a couple of days enjoying such a unique Italian holiday, you’re then ready to become wife and husband. Celebrate all day long in the exclusive setting of Piacentino Castle with pool. Choose the best for yourself and your significant other. *** QUICK INFORMATION Piacentino Castle with pool - Gazzola (Piacenza) Capacity: up to 700 guests Services on site: Outdoor space, in-house Professional Kitchen, Parking, swimming pool, natural park, natural lakes. Accommodation: We highly recommend to spend some days in the beautiful rooms of the Castle. You’ll have 14 rooms at your disposal with a maximum capacity of about 30 pax. Wedding Ceremony: You can celebrate a religious ceremony in the church or the small chapel of the Castle. Otherwise you can opt for a civil or symbolic ceremony both indoor or outdoor.

Piacentino Tower

Built in the fifteenth century, Piacentino Tower is a rustic fortress erected among the golden hills of the Piacenza countryside. From there, this majestic complex dominates the whole territory, characterized by infinite vineyards and a bucolic atmosphere. The surrounding area is really suggestive thanks to the natural oasis of vegetation scattered all around. This territory is peaceful and quiet and it’s the perfect location if you want to get in touch with a wild, yet mellow nature, and live a fascinating pastoral experience. This extraordinary wedding destination is very big and composed of different spaces which could easily host the various highlights of your special day. Starting from the old church, built over 500 years ago and still sacred, to the internal courtyard so evocative and rustic, the options are countless. At Piacentino Tower you can say “I do” with a religious rite or a civil ceremony and continue the celebration in one of the salons of the mansion or in its beautiful garden. Since this location hosts a well renowned winery, why don’t you arrange a tailor-made wine tasting and spoil your guests with the finest local wines of this amazing territory? They will be forever thankful! And before heading to the luscious wedding banquet, pay a visit to the wine cellars built under the fortress, it will be a super fun experience. After having tasted some refined bubbles and completed this interesting tour, you and your guests are now ready to indulge in the rich and delicious menu prepared for you by the talented chefs of the venue. Opt for the original recipes inspired by the celebrated culinary tradition of Piacenza: from the homemade pasta, to the meat stews, the delicious local cuisine will win your heart taste after taste. Enjoy the incredible setting of this medieval castle and create an evocative and unique atmosphere with the music of a violin. Close your eyes and lose yourself in this enchanting atmosphere. Live this beautiful dream within the exclusive environment of Piacentino Tower. This is the perfect place where to spend the most important day of your life with the people you love the most in the elegant and exciting setting of the Italian countryside. We are positive that your Italian wedding at Piacentino Tower will become the best memory which you’ll keep in your heart. *** QUICK INFORMATION Piacentino Tower - Ziano Piacentino (Piacenza) Capacity: up to 170 guests Services on site: Outdoor space, in-house Catering, Parking, natural park. Accommodation: It’s not possible to overnight in this location. However, there are other picturesque hotels and holiday farms in the nearby villages. Wedding Ceremony: You can celebrate on site symbolic, religious and civil ceremony.

Piacentino Borgo Castle

The enchanting Piacentino Borgo Castle, located in the lush countryside of Piacenza, is definitely more than a Castle. It’s a small, picturesque medieval village which has maintained an evocative allure throughout the centuries. This imposing fortress was, in fact, built over a thousand years ago. Once the permanent residence of the noble House of Scotti, this incredible historic gem has now become an impressive wedding destination which is also house to a refined restaurant and an elegant accommodation facility. If you want to fulfill your dream of a rustic, Italian countryside wedding, and wish to have a life-changing experience alongside your friends and family, then your best option is this beautiful Castle. Romantic and vibrant, elegant and suggestive, Piacentino Borgo Castle dominates the breathtaking countryside of the Lombardy region. Immersed in a natural oasis of peace and quietness, wandering around this fortress will be like going back to the mysterious medieval age, feeling like a noble dame, getting lost among its solid stone walls and its wide rooms full of charm. This iconic location will become a second home for you and your guests. Choose to stay at the castle for some days and you won’t be disappointed. You and your future husband could stay at the Imperial suite located in the main building while your invitees could overnight in the beautiful rooms built inside the three towers of the fortress. At Piacentino Borgo Castle you and your partner could choose to exchange your vows in the lovely church built inside the complex, where it’s possible to perform a religious ceremony. If you prefer a more simple civil or symbolic rite choose to have the ceremony in one of the panoramic terraces situated in each corner of the Castle. From here you’ll be able to enjoy the magnificent view of the golden fields and vineyards of the surrounding territory. This location also hosts a well renowned restaurant where you can arrange your wedding banquet. Should you prefer a cozier and intimate atmosphere you can choose to celebrate with style and elegance in the old stables now converted into beautiful dining rooms. Here you can taste some of the most delicious and luscious dishes of the regional tradition, all personally prepared by the talented chefs inspired by the unique culinary tradition of Piacenza. Spoil your significant other and his friends with a taylor-made tasting of the finest Scottish whiskeys in the suggestive underground cellars of the Castle. They will be forever grateful! Have the time of your life in the exclusive setting of Piacentino Borgo Castle. Re-live the splendour of a past time and share all these memorable moments with the people you love the most. *** QUICK INFORMATION Piacentino Borgo Castle - Vernasca (Piacenza) Capacity: up to 160 guests Services on site: Outdoor space, in-house Restaurant, Parking, church, religious, civil and symbolic ceremony. Accommodation: We highly recommend to spend some days in the beautiful rooms of the Castle. You’ll have 12 rooms at your disposal with a maximum capacity of about 35 pax. Wedding Ceremony: You can celebrate a religious ceremony in the church of the Castle. Otherwise you can opt for a civil or symbolic ceremony both in the indoor or outdoor spaces of the Castle.

Piacentino Countryside Castle

Erected more than 1000 years ago as a residential complex and once populated by farmers and feudal lords, Piacentino Countryside Castle was later renovated by the noble House of Marazzini who decided to build an imposing Castle who could host the whole family and their servants. From the fifteenth century onwards nothing has changed at Piacentino Countryside Castle, making it an historic gem within the Piacenza Countryside. Surrounded by nothing but a lush forest, this imposing building has now become an exclusive wedding destination deeply beloved by spouses coming from all over the world. The atmosphere of the castle is really suggestive. The spaces all around the structure are wide and natural, while the internal court is simply breathtaking. Huge, yet with a touching romantic vibe, this place is the perfect setting to welcome your friends and family on your very special day. You can play with your creativity when organizing your wedding as this venue offers a wide range of spaces where to celebrate the various moments of the party. You can even say “I do” in the small, picturesque church adjacent to the castle and perform a symbolic ceremony where you and your future husband could exchange your wedding vows in front of your guests. For the welcome cocktail the options are countless. You can organize it in the garden in front of the suggestive natural lake of the castle, or under its millennial porch. You can then spoil your invitees with a luscious menu prepared with the organic products grown directly in the farm of the venue. Be inspired by the scrumptious dishes of the local tradition when choosing the menu for your wedding banquet. Remember to include the most iconic recipes of the Piacenza cuisine such as the “Tortelli con la coda”, delicious filled pasta with ricotta and spinach or the “Polenta consa”, corn polenta with succulent minced beef. Piacenza is a territory also well renowned for its wide range of local wines, therefore don’t forget to raise your glass with your friends and make a toast in honour of your incredible Italian wedding. Spend some quality time with your significant other by breathing in the peaceful atmosphere of this unique castle. The rustic ambience, the infinite park, the quiet lake.. could you ever wished for a more romantic wedding destination? Walking around the salons of Piacentino Countryside Castle will be like reliving your wedding dreams when you were just a little girl. You will feel like a real Queen in this evocative location, and you won’t be alone: your future husband will be right by your side. *** QUICK INFORMATION Piacentino Countryside Castle – countryside of Piacenza Capacity: up to 250 guests Services on site: Outdoor space, in-house Catering, Parking, natural park, natural lake, church, symbolic ceremony. Accommodation: It’s not possible to overnight in this location. However, there are other picturesque hotels and holiday farms both in Paderna and in the nearby villages. Wedding Ceremony: You can celebrate a symbolic ceremony in the small chapel of this location the gardens or outside. The civil or religious rite can be performed in the village Town Hall or Church nearby.