The most charming northern Italy areas for countryiside weddings


Piacenza, with its incredible countryside, is a place where art and culture embrace the culinary tradition, where the magic of historic villages meets the charm of the ancient manor houses. The perfect location of your marvelous Italian wedding.


The perfect destination if you’re willing to plan your wedding abroad and if you want to get married in one of the most enchanting locations in Italy. Be amazed by its territory, so rich and varied. Walk quietly among its landscapes, made of ancient villas and castles full of history. The ideal place to fulfill the dream of a lifetime! Start drawing your perfect Italian wedding in this paradise.

Cremona and Lodi

A place of peace and tranquility where you can relax in the company of your significant other and the people you love the most.
With them by your side you will live the dream of when you were just a little girl.
Celebrate your Big Day in a wonderful castle or in an enchanting farmstead. Be surrounded by green hills and an untouched nature.
The countryside of Cremona and Lodi, thanks to its magical vibe, will never disappoint you.


Imagine a feast in a magic land, a warm summer evening dancing and singing your joy alongside the man of your life and the people you love the most. Now open your eyes. No, it was not a dream. It’s your Italian wedding, in the charming countryside of Pavia.


Bergamo is a real pearl of the Lombardy Region, with its majestic mountains, lush valleys, spring-fed lakes and a magic countryside.
Enchanting locations immersed in golden fields and lush forests, with wonderful terraces and endless swimming pools
where to spoil your guests and amaze them with a unique Italian experience.
Bergamo is definitely the wedding destination of your dreams, a special place that you’ll be willing to visit again.


A unique territory characterized by a wild nature and a peaceful atmosphere. This is where the nobles of Milan used to spend their vacations to find some relax and tranquility in the past centuries. In fact, this land offers a high concentration of some of the most beautiful Villas of the Lombardy Region. It is an ideal setting to celebrate the most special day of a woman’s life. If you decide to set your magic Italian Wedding in the Milan countryside be sure that you and your guests will have plenty of things to do.