How to Organize a Very Chic Italian Countryside Wedding


One of the most romantic and magic weddings are the ones set in the countryside.
A small church made of bricks where to celebrate your marriage, a breathtaking view to welcome your guests, olive groves and vineyards which surround beautiful rustic villas and medieval castles.

To organize the perfect countryside wedding then, the choice of the right location is crucial. The bucolic scenery of the Italian countryside works wonders, especially the one located in the Lombardy Region: Piacenza, Franciacorta, Bergamo, you name it.
But to give your wedding that special atmosphere that you can only experience in the countryside you have to pay attention also to the details.

The wedding decorations, when you decide to go for a countryside wedding, are extremely important as the add that extra-touch to the whole setting. The choice of materials and a careful selection of colors to match with the theme of the ceremony also play an important role. Here are some ideas to create a chic and elegant countryside wedding.

The Wedding Tables
The layout of the table is very important to give the wedding that chic rétro style typical of the countryside. We suggest long and rectangular tables, to recreate the atmosphere of a countryside party and to use as table centerpieces not the usual flower compositions but white birdcages or vintage chandeliers. Placeholders and Signs For the placeholders opt for small wooden planks on which you can write the name of the table or even a small dedication to the guests. Wooden planks and boards are also perfect to indicate the various corners of the marriage, as party favors table, buffet and so on. Consider using elements of wood also to characterize the whole setting. If it’s an outdoor wedding place the tables under ancient trees. Another nice idea is to use a heart-shaped wooden sign and write on it Just Married with a white paint.

For the lighting of the location you may prefer a warm light and soft candles: this detail will help to make the atmosphere more casual and eco-friendly. Choose big and small lanterns with a rustic, vintage look: white metal and glass are perfect. You can place them on the ground or hang them where you like. On summertime you can also opt to place some small lights also on trees, as to create a “magic forest” atmosphere. The Bouquet For a chic countryside wedding the bouquet should be elegant and not too flashy, characterized by warm colors and delicate flowers. It must have an original touch though, so as not to go unnoticed.

The Menu
Forget about the usual caviar canapés and start thinking local. You’re in the Italian countryside which means fresh pasta, fine local wines, homemade cheese and cold cuts. Organize a wine and food tasting with the local specialties as a welcome cocktail for your guests. Introduce in your menu all these mouth-watering delicacies and dive into the bucolic vibe of a real Italian countryside wedding.

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