How to choose the perfect wedding dress


perfect wedding dress
The choice of the perfect wedding dress is extremely important because, being worn only on such a special day, it must make the bride look at her very best. A wedding gown is, in fact, one of the main protagonists of the event, having people talking about it throughout the day and even after. This can trigger anxiety of course, with the bride-to-be fearing that moment and not feeling comfortable during what should be the most important day of her life. This is why a wedding dress designer plays a crucial role in a woman’s life: his task is to observe the bride as a whole, being able to capture her essence and to enhance her physical beauty.

Perfect wedding dress type to choose...

Of course not everyone has the chance to have their wedding dress personally designed. That’s why any future bride should choose her wedding gown based on the shape of her body. In fact, based on the type of figure she has, designers have created many different models of garments which will help the bride feel like a real goddess.

Hourglass woman

Hourglass women have shoulders as broad as their hips and a narrow waist. It’s a proportionate physique, which is always a plus when it comes to wear a gown. It doesn’t matter whether this woman is tall or short, curvy or slim; what’s really important is that her proportions give her body a sensual S-shape. The wedding dress that enhances the hourglass woman is the 'mermaid-model’, which follows the sinuous body of the bride. Another model which could perfectly fit this body shape is the ‘Princess style” dress, with a close-fitting bustier and a wide skirt, that easily shows her slender waist.

Pear woman

Pear women have narrow shoulders, small breasts and wide hips, just like a pear. Basically this body tends to gradually widen towards the lower part of the body, giving it a triangle shape. To balance the figure, the dress must draw attention to the top and minimize the bottom; by doing so, a well-cut wedding dress can optically get rid of these annoying defeats. To hide wide hips, typical of pear women, we suggest to choose clothes with a broad line, enriched with important details on the upper part of the gown.

Apple woman

Apple women have a roundish shape, sometimes they’re overweight, with chubby arms and a full waist. In this case you need to enhance the breast area, choosing a well-cut wedding dress that will make you feel fit. Perfect for this body shape are the “empire style” dresses. Cut right under the breast, they hide the waistline as well as large hips, giving a romantic and suggestive allure to the bride.
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