Italy wedding venues: getting married in Lombardy?


getting married in Italy
One of the most romantic images you could ever picture in your mind is that of a loving couple who’s about to get married in a dreamy location, surrounded by a bucolic scenario, the people they love the most and wearing their brightest smiles. Why getting married in Lombardy? Discover the Italy wedding venues by Italiancountrysidewedding. A wedding is always a happy occasion where to meet friends and relatives, celebrating love and spending a relaxing and very special day. To make all this happen it’s important to choose the right place where to say I do in a unique frame and to party until the small hours. If you’re looking for an unforgettable setting, then Italy and its marvellous countryside is the only option. Italy has a variegated environment: mountains, lakes, seaside, islands, you name it. But its lush and romantic countryside is maybe the best set to organize a unique wedding. First of all because there are many countryside areas in Italy where you can choose from. From North to South you won’t be disappointed. Secondly because the Italian countryside is well renowned for being savage and unblemished, keeping a natural and elegant profile.

The most beautiful Italy wedding venues

The most famous Italian countryside is of course located in the Tuscany region. Less people, instead, know about another countryside area which is as beautiful as the Tuscan one. We’re talking about the Lombardy countryside. Lombardy is a northern Italian region, whose capital is Milan, probably most known for Fashion and Design. You’ll be surprised to know that just a few kilometres away from Milan there is a bucolic environment, characterized by luxurious Italian Villas, rustic farmhouses, parks and forests with designed routes where to take long strolls on foot or riding a bicycle, boutique hotels where to enjoy some quality time, ancient castles now turned into dreamy event venues.. And last but not least, Lombardy has one of the richest Food Heritages of the whole Italian peninsula. If south Italy has pizza and mozzarella, up in the north you’ll fall in love with handmade pasta, stuffed ravioli, fresh cold cuts and the most refined cheese. Not to mention the wine. Lombardy is the region of the beloved Franciacorta, a territory well renowned for its numerous wineries all located in a rural context which make them even more fascinating. As you can see there are a lot of reasons why you should come to Lombardy and get married in such an evocative countryside. You and your guests will have the time of your life!
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