Why getting married in Italy countryside?


getting married in Italy
Italy is for sure one of the most beautiful and fascinating countries in the world. In 2015 it was ranked as the 3rd most visited place and as of today it has the highest number of UNESCO Human Heritage sites. Fifty-one to be precised. No wonder that it is also one of the most sought after locations where to celebrate the most important day in a couple’s life. Be it for the actual party or just to spend the honeymoon, Italy has no rivalry. But is it only for the art and culture which characterize its cities, from North to South? Not really. One of the main reasons why people are so fascinated by Italy is the food.

Good reasons to getting married in Italy

One of the good reasons to getting married in Italy it's the food: in fact, when you think of a delicious, hearty meal, the first word that conjures up in your mind is Italy. And pizza, pasta, mozzarella, tiramisù.. you name it. Very popular, especially in the latest years when the food topic has started to revolve around authenticity and health, are the food tours throughout the Italian peninsula. Organized by travel agencies or even by locals, food tours consist in a 360° experience which mixes art, culture, travel and good italian food. In other words it simply means pairing a visit at the Uffizi museum in Florence with a visit in a nearby Olive Oil Mill, should you be planning a vacation in the Tuscany region, for instance. Combinations are countless and they can be exploited also for an Italian wedding. You and your guests could arrive to the Country of love and passion some days prior to the big day and enjoy the amazing things and activities this wonderful territory has to offer. Another reason to getting married in Italy is the beauty of its landscapes. One of the most beautiful and less talked about areas of Italy is for sure the Lombardy countryside. This amazing region, known mainly for its Capital, Milan, can count on a variegated territory, made of mountains, lakes and an extensive countryside. It includes different cities and villages and owns one of the most ancient and luscious food heritages of the whole Country. For instance, in Bergamo you can taste polenta taragna, a warm corn meal mixed with seasoned local cheeses, while in Piacenza you can learn how to cook “Tortelli con la Coda”, ravioli-pasta with an oblong shape filled with spinach and ricotta cheese. But Italy is not only about food. Did you know that this incredible country has become the #1 wine producers in the world, surpassing the supremacy of France? And rumor has it that Italian wine has surpassed the French competition also in terms of quality! As you can see there are numerous reasons to choose Italy for your wedding day. For sure you won’t have any problems when you and your significant other will have to choose the Menu.
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