Getting Married in Italy: Living the italian dream


If you’re browsing the pages of this blog it’s highly probable that you are planning to get married here in Italy.
Or at least you’re dreaming of it. If you’ve chosen to celebrate your wedding in the Belpaese is because you want it to be a very special experience. Not only for you and your significant other, but for your family and friends as well.

An italian wedding is a unique experience indeed. First of all there are plenty of wonderful locations scattered from North to South. You can choose among evergreen romantic cities such as Venice and Naples, the classy and chic Como Lake, or the breathtaking setting of the Lombardy countryside.

Once you’ve decided where to say “I DO” it’s time to make some other choices: a luxurious, decadent Italian Villa or a romantic, medieval Castle? Because that’s what Italy is all about: art and history. In every corner of Italy you’ll find amazing wedding locations where to celebrate your special day.

And it will be special for sure thanks to the beautiful settings and landscapes that the country of La Dolce Vita offers you. Your guests will be thrilled when they will learn about your wedding destination.

Italy has always been a place worth to visit. Not only for its historical and cultural beauties, but also for its people. Italians are always in a good mood, ready to welcome you with a big smile on their faces and a gentle and friendly hug.
They know how to live quietly and also with a good dose of fun.

And the food. This is probably the best part when it comes to organize a wedding down here.
Fresh handmade pasta, brick-oven pizza, juicy mozzarellas, you name it. Your guests will be looking forward to indulge in all of these delicacies.

Why not organizing a food-tasting with local food and fresh ingredients? Even better if paired with local wines.
But make sure to do it the Italian way: indulge on each single bite, sip the finest Prosecco, enjoy the magical view in front of you, may it be the golden field of the Franciacorta countryside or the deep blue sea of the Amalfi Coast.
If you’ll choose to set your wedding in Italy, be ready to have the time of your life. An Italian life.

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