How to get dressed for a countryside wedding


dresses for countryside wedding
If one of the most important rules to follow is not to wear white or black if invited to a wedding, what is the ideal look to wear if it’s a countryside-themed wedding? Lately, countryside weddings inspired by the Provençe style or by the Italian rural charm, have become very popular among brides and grooms.

Italian countryside wedding

What does imply a wedding of this kind? For sure a bucolic setting, such as a beautiful Italian Villa, a spring or summer garden, white or wooden furnitures, details inspired by movies such as “Under the Tuscan Sun” with Diane Lane or “A Good Year” with Russell Crowe. More than a wedding, it’s a party celebrated surrounded by the nature. The best seasons to organize such an event are definitely late spring and summer. Anyhow, just pray that it won’t rain as there’s no point in arranging a countryside wedding indoor. People should be free to walk barefoot, wearing flower crowns and linen clothes. Not white, as already suggested, but for sure with soft and glowing nuances. Men may opt for a beige or light blue linen suit, with a loose tie and matching moccasins with no socks. Another option could be a pair of cotton trousers matched with a simple white shirt, whose sleeves can be rolled up right below the elbows, in case of a hot summer day. For women the style may vary. Avoid white in any of its nuances, play with colours instead in order not to overshadow the bride. How about a long, light dress with a flower prints? You’ll be an ethereal vision for the guests, reminding them of a modern Botticelli fairy. You can also opt for a more elegant suit, the most important thing is the correct choice of the color. Since it’s a countryside wedding, which means it will be set in a bucolic location, such as a park or a garden Villa, avoid colours such as dark blue, grey, brown, etc. Opt for vibrant or romantic nuances such as yellow, orange, light blue, light green, pale pink. Regarding the shoes, since you’ll be very much in contact with the nature, bear in mind that you’ll probably walk on grass, which means a big no to stiletto and high heels. Instead choose more stable and comfortable shoes such as the classic ballerina flats or a pair of shoes with a cork plateau, which reminds of the 70s fashion. Another option which could work for both men and women is jeans. Wear a pair of jeans or a jeans skirt and glamour it up with a bright make-up and refined hair-do if you’re a girl. For boys just match it with the classic white shirt and a pair of elegant shoes. The final result will be a smart and comfortable style that everyone will appreciate.
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