Flower Wedding Decorations for a Civil Ceremony


Generally speaking, when thinking about civil weddings, the first image that conjures up in your mind is a grey, spare room inside a local town hall. We want to prove you wrong by suggesting a series of wedding decoration tips that will make your civil ceremony look like a fairy tale.
Did you know that civil weddings can be celebrated almost everywhere? On a sandy beach, in a beautiful garden, in the backyard of your home.. And with a bit of creativity and some colorful flowers it’s so easy to transform all of these places into the most enchanting locations to say “I do” on your big day!

The arch of flowers
The arch of flowers is a timeless classic when it comes to civil weddings. It can be used either in indoor or outdoor wedding locations and always adds that magic touch to the ceremony. We suggest you to have it especially if you’re planning to have a country style wedding or if you get married on the beach. Peonies, roses, lilies are the most used flowers, but you can also enrich your wedding arch by covering it with white fabric for a languid romantic touch.

Outdoor weddings= Flowery aisle
If you choose to get married outdoors, you can create your personal flowery aisle. Ask your flower designer to create an original decoration to style up the path that goes up to the altar. Not the usual flower decoration though, but something more creative such as hearts, stars, curly ribbons. Choose glittery colors in order to create a good balance with the color of the carpet, which has to be white. Add that extra-touch by scattering white rose petals along the way.

Colors, colors and more colors
If you’re tired of the ordinary white decorations and want a more vibrating wedding you can play with colorful big flowers. Our suggestion is not to overdo with colors as you don’t want to transform your romantic wedding into a carnival. Keep the white decorations as a base and then add a touch of color by simply placing big flowers, such as peonies and dahlias, on the chairs located at the edge of the central corridor. Choose the color of the flowers in function of the shades that characterize the rest of the decorations in such a way as to create a contrast with the white dominant color. Flowers can be positioned as well inside of big glass jars filled with water which can be suspended to the backrests of the chairs with the help of a rope.

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