Engagement Photo Session: Memories of Fun and Love


Your wedding day is definitely one of the most special period of your life.
You’re living a fairy tale, something you’ve dreamt about since you were a little girl.
No wonders you want to stop the time and fix the best memories in a wonderful photo album with the highlights of that day. In these pictures you’re wearing a long, white wedding gown. Your significant other, more handsome than Prince Charming is just perfect in its black tuxedo. Always together you’re dancing the night away in the company of your best friends. But wedding and love is not only about fancy dresses and glamorous parties.

So take off your princely outfit and treat yourself and your husband-to-be to a unique experience.
A photo session only for engaged couples to be made before the big day with a setting inspired by your passions and with a vibe that truly reflect your special relationship.
It’s gonna be just you and the man you love.
Now picture this scenario in the Italian countryside: Franciacorta, Piacenza, Cremona.. Golden fields of barley, lush forests, ancient villas, medieval castles.

A breathtaking view over the hills of the Lombardy countryside, you and him toasting with some local sparkling wine, a pair of jeans, beautiful smiles. A professional photographer ready to catch all these natural instants with the man you love the most surrounded by a magic landscape, far away from the exciting, yet stressful atmosphere of a wedding.

This not only a good way to get to know better your wedding photographer, which is a plus in order to create a good trust on time for your wedding day, but also a nice chance to take a look at the surroundings of your italian wedding location. And why not, also to take a break from the frenzy that a marriage implies. A great opportunity to spend some quality time only with your future husband, enjoying some hours of fun and relax.
The result will be a wonderful and natural series of pictures of you right before getting married.
Memories of love, joy, excitement, apprehension all mixed up in a special photoshoot.
Images of a couple deeply in love who can’t wait to become husband and wife. A stunning and romantic setting which will add to each picture a magic vibe.

Memories that you could also share with the people you love and who came to your wedding to celebrate your love.
One of the most memorable moments of your Italian wedding that you and your guests will preserve with care.

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