Destination Wedding: Why Italy Is The Perfect Place For You


When you think of getting married you picture in your mind a fairy tale setting: a castle, a marvellous sunny day, joyful people, heavenly food. No wonders many people all around the world choose Italy as the perfect place where to celebrate your wedding.
And Italy is also the favorite wedding destination of many Hollywood celebrities: Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Emily Blunt, Kim Kardashian.

Italy is primarily about cultural history and timeless beauty. Italy is in fact the cradle of many of the most important museums and historical spots such as ancient castles and centennial villas.

Florence, Venice, Rome. Cities of art visited every year by millions of tourists.
But the italian territory is also beloved for its charming nature: in Italy you can find majestic mountains, lush forests, beautiful lakes and dreamy beaches.

And how about the kindness and warmness of Italian people? Funny, ironic, always in a good mood. In Italy everyone is always welcoming you with a big smile on their faces.
Last but not least, the food. Be it fresh handmade pasta, a savoury brick-oven pizza, juicy mozzarellas, Italians definitely know how to eat well.
Italy is literally heaven on earth when it comes to eating and drinking a glass of fine wine.

Combine together all these elements and you’ll understand why so many couples want to celebrate their big day in such a great scenario.
An Italian wedding is not just a magic experience to share with the person you love, but also a great opportunity to reunite all your relatives and friends and party with them in a unique way.

Amaze them with an Italian trip in some of the most beautiful locations of the world.
Italy will make you experience a blissful atmosphere: a classy environment, a romantic setting, an impeccable and luxury service.
A welcome cocktail overlooking the Belpaese, soft music that accompanies the smiles of bride and groom, a dinner in a beautiful Villa, lit candles to illuminate magical moments, a tasty and delicious menu.

Plan your wedding in Italy. An oasis of peace in a land full of surprising beauties. The ideal destination for an unforgettable wedding, which will delight your guests and will never get them bored.
Living the Italian wedding has never been easier, just choose among the infinite possibilities that this country offers you.

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