Bridal MakeUp: Secrets and Tips to Look Stunning on your Big Day


Let’s be honest: a wedding is a day dedicated to love, hope, passion and so on.
But reality is that a wedding is mostly about the bride: her stunning wedding dress, her romantic hair-do, her impeccable make up.. And if we’re used to apply make up everyday to go to the office or to have a drink with friends, when it comes to bridal make up we don’t really know where to start.

This is because it takes a professional makeup artist to create that glowing, angelic look typical of a bride.Not only it stays perfectly throughout the whole ceremony but it also looks effortlessly perfect in each picture. There are different types of bridal makeup and it’s important to find the one which mostly suits your skin and face. Here are some tips for you in order to look great in occasion of your special day.

Ask advice to a Professional MakeUp Artist
A bridal makeup cannot be improvised: you have to try different styles before getting to the perfect one for you. Our piece of advice is to get a support from a professional makeup artist, better if specialised in bridal makeup. Trust us: she will know exactly how to make you look beautiful, matching the makeup with your wedding dress and you hair style.

Use a primer
If you’re on a budget and can’t spend any money on a professional makeup artist than you are obliged to do your makeup on your own. This means that you have to try it several times before the big day. Moreover don’t forget to use a primer. Deeply clean your face and hydrated it with a moisturizer, then apply a silicone primer with a mat effect in order to hide all the skin imperfections and to make more opaque your makeup base.

Use high-quality makeup products
Invest some money in high-quality makeup products. Choose a foundation with a mat effect and with a color as similar as possible to your skin tone. Not darker, nor ligther. This is crucial in order to have a natural look on your wedding pictures.

Put some healthy color on your face
In order to have a glowing and healthy look use colors. Always apply blush as it donates a romantic and young look. Illuminate your eyes with a golden powder in order to create a glowing look. Don’t be afraid to apply a colorful lipstick: use a peach or pink shade for a romantic look, or a red lipstick for a more sophisticated vibe.
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