Beauty Tips for a Stunning Bride-to-be


There is just one thing that a woman desires more than being married to the man of her life: being married to the man she loves looking stunning. It’s no secret that everyone wants to look as gorgeous as possible on their very special day. After all they will be at the centre of attention for the whole day, people will be taking picture of her all the time and the way she looks will be the main subject of everyone’s conversation for the following days.

A wedding is all about the bride, this is why we’ve made a list of beauty tips for you, in preparation of your Big Day.

1-Start going to the gym at least three months before the wedding
You need to keep your body in shape in order to look fabulous on your wedding day. First in order to look amazing in the wedding dress you’ve chosen, secondly because it’s a good way to keep healthy. Focus on arms and hips as they are the most exposed body parts when wearing a wedding gown. The main objective is not only to lose some weight but also to get a more toned body.

2-Take care of your skin
A bride with a beautiful, glowing skin could wear anything on her special day. This is why it’s important to start taking care of it right after receiving the proposal from the man you love. A good, healthy skin makes you look younger and relaxed.
The first step is to take off your makeup every day before going to bed. Moreover it’s important to keep your skin hydrated with specific creams: a sunscreen cream to apply during the day and an anti-aging cream for the night.

3-Think about your smile
On your wedding day you have to be all smiles for the photographers and also to delight and entertain your guests. So don’t forget to take care of your teeth in the months and weeks preceding your big day. They must be impeccable and to do so you better think of getting a whitening treatment in order to have a white, shining smile.
A bride with yellowish or greyish teeth is not fascinating at all

4-Have shiny and strong hair
One of the highlights in a bride’s look is definitely her wedding hair-do. Be it a sophisticated chignon or a romantic braid, your hair will be at the centre of the scene. Start treating your hair with specific products. The period right before your wedding can be very stressful and also your hair could suffer from it: repair them with natural products such as aloe vera or olive oil and wash them with professional shampoos and serums.
Don’t forget to ask your personal hair stylists for some advice.
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