An Original Wedding Ideas: Picnic Wedding


original wedding ideas picnic wedding
One of the latest trends in the wedding world regards the organization of the banquet. One of the major highlights of a wedding day, the wedding banquet is definitely the favourite moment among the invitees. For sure, one of the things that first conjures up in your mind when invited to a wedding is “Food”. We are used to eat very tasty and elegant dishes at weddings, delicacies that we don’t have the chance to try on a daily basis. Which is great, but the downside of it is that sometimes wedding banquets can be very boring as well: they last for too long, the food is too fattening, the portions are too big. It’s likely to have indigestion at the end of the day, even risking to be sitting all day long complaining for an annoying stomach ache. This is why many spouses have decided to replace the classic wedding buffet or banquet with a more original wedding ideas: picnic wedding.

New wedding banquet ideas: Picnic banquet

The idea is to recreate the laidback pic-nics which people used to have with their friends and family during their childhood. A very friendly happening, characterized by a lot of laughs, hearty and simple food and the nature, of course. The ideal setting is in the garden of a beautiful Italian Villa surrounded by the a romantic countryside panorama. Of course if you wish to have your own picnic wedding choose summer or spring, when chances of rain are less. There are a lot of original wedding ideas when it comes to picnic weddings.

The wedding dress

First of all the wedding gown. You’ll be supposed to sit on a plaid or blanquet, walking from spot to spot on the grass.. A very comfortable wedding dress is mandatory in this case. Choose a fresh, linen dress, which will donate a bucolic vibe to your style. Avoid stretch and adherent dresses as they will impede your movements.

The menu

You have to bear in mind the smart and simple style of a countryside picnic. Choose foods and dishes which can be eaten with one’s fingers, such as salty muffins, a delicate mousse inside mini-glasses, shrimps, vegetable pies, mini-quiches.. you name it. You can also opt for a more down-to-earth approach, by organizing a BBQ. We’re sure your guests will highly appreciate it!

Flowers & Music

Adorne plaids and blankets with peonies or white roses. You can pair it with candles and transparent bowls to add a romantic touch to the ensemble. To accompany your picnic choose a jazz-quartet or a blues band, the perfect music style to fully enjoy a picnic wedding in the countryside.
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