When you think of a wedding the first images that conjure up into your mind are: a beautiful woman dressed in a spectacular white gown, a church full of colorful flowers and a super yummy wedding cake. Wedding cakes can be of different shapes and sizes. If the traditional wedding cake is made with sponge cake, cream and a vanilla icing, the modern spouses tend to choose more original ones.

For instance they prefer a wedding cake that matches the colors of their wedding decorations, so it’s more and more likely to taste blue or red wedding cakes.

Blue is a color suitable for every season, since it fits in both the marine atmosphere of summer weddings, and the icy cold of the winter months. Red is the color of passion, and it donates a vibrating and exciting atmosphere especially if combined with white decorations.
Another original idea is that of creating a wedding cake by assembling small pastries, meringues or cupcakes. In this way guests can help themselves more easily.

The latest trends has seen also more extreme wedding cake ideas, such as the wedding cake made with sushi or hamburgers. These solutions are perfect for spouses who don’t take themselves too seriously.

But wedding cakes are not the only sweet treats of a marriage. In Italy for example a traditional wedding sweet are confetti, toasted almonds covered with white sugar.

Once the couple used to distribute a small bag of confetti to all the invitees, while today is more common to reserve a specific corner at the wedding venue where to display them. It’s called la Confettata.

Today the wedding confetti comes in different colors and shapes. Moreover they’re not made anymore only with almonds but also with nuts and chocolate of different tastes: orange, buttermilk, pear.

And speaking of chocolate, did you know that one of the most popular latest trends are the chocolate-themed weddings? Perfect for a winter wedding, chocolate is heartwarming and always appreciated.

Starting from a double-chocolate wedding cake, you can play with this sweet ingredient in many ways. For example you can make a chocolate fountain available to your guests. Here they will indulge in a chocolate cascade where to dunk whole strawberries or fresh fruit.
Or why not surprising your friends and family with chocolate wedding favors? You can think about doing something personal, like a statuette of dark-chocolate modeled after your image, or something more traditional, such as some refined swiss chocolate bar.


Alessandra Fabi


My adventure as wedding planner and entrepreneuse started back in 2007. Event planning, luxury, elegance, travels, lifestyle, trends, fashion and details are my passion since ever.
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Veronica Frasca

Senior wedding planner

Veronica is the heart of my company. Over the years together she demonstrated a natural inclination for this job. She's very talented, responsible and organized.

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Paola & Luca, romantic and elegant countryside wedding at the ancient Piacentino Castle
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